How to make money with cpa marketing

You may think that  its unnecesary but lets clear things for those who are new to cpa marketing
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Cpa Marketing its when you make people to take some action like completing an email or zip adress ,register an acount ,fill in 1 page of information etc .Its pretty much the easy way to make some quick bucks online with little or no money to invest .Its not so dificult but its not easy also .You dont have to be a guru to do it ,altought if you have a website ,you will do better when it comes to CPA network,s aproval

Anyway you will get aprove either way ,cause you are reading this post and i will instruct you how to get accepted to CPA networks

My sugestion its to apply to Peerfly first as they are profesional and cool ,aprove people easy and have offers as good as the top networks and yes its a refferal link up there … you need to be refered by me so you can get acpeted much faster .I,ve rarely had people not aproved when i had referem them ,so if you use that link you will pretty good to go

You need some information on how to fill up your application and here it comes :

1. Be extremely honest with them but dind the way to lie them

Now you are probably say

Dorinel ,what the f..k you are talking about ?

Sice you are new to this this they will probably dont like you ,wich its why you must color the things a little to apear more trustworthy .Althoughts all Cpa aproval stuff have beed around for years and they know when someone lies them or they want to trick them

They must to aprove you since they know the most people who look to get involved in CPA marketing are the ones who have no money to invest ,so they pick up the one they likes and not just the profesionals ones .They can,t afford to aprove only seasoned marketars because they will run out of business

And the best way to show them that you are srious about CPA marketing its to call them after you will up the aplication ,this will show them that you are realy interested in CPA marketing and this sound more profesional

2.Once you get aproved by Peerfly you then can get accepted everywhere after that .You need to do some business ,make some cash to have what to show .

After you are in you must choose an offer ,i find email/zip submits are known as easy to convert so i recomend it

3. Trafic ,the fastest way to get trafic and get things rolling its PPC and more specifically 7 search ppc .You only need like 7 buks to start testing your campaingns and theyr trafic its pretty cool for cpa plus you can direct linking to your cpa offer

Also you need ask them to enable the blacklisting feature as its not automaticaly enabled

You can use Bing (the trafic its cheap and cool also ) or any other search engine ppc or paid merketing sourse if you will ,you just need to be sure your ROI its right Cpa its all about math

If you dont want fast results with ppc you can also try building a facebook fan page about a game ,people love to play games ,they will go to register to play you will be making money and everybody will be happy

4. Dont quit after some negative campaings ,you will probably need to waste some money until you see succes ,its everything about testing and never give up

5.When you start making money reinvest in PPC until you start making some money .Buy traffic and send it to these offers until you will find what it works

6.Go to Peerfly right now dont overthinking ,thinking its the oposite thing of taking action

In about a few months you can start cashing in big time. Well, at least big time for most people. And I really love to say that, so you might have already read it on my blog, but it’s the essence of success – the Internet is pretty simple, those who complicate things are the ones who don’t know shit.

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